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Admit it, when you read Power Builder you thought: “Are we back in the 90s?” But let me tell you something, friend, at The Pineapple, we don’t play it safe. We love challenges and, even more, turning the old into pure gold. And yes, Power Builder is our gold mine.

Did you know that Power Builder was a revolution at its launch? It pioneered what we now call RAD (Rapid Application Development), allowing developers to create database applications with an efficiency that seemed like magic at the time. And it didn’t stop there. Over the years, Power Builder has evolved, incorporating graphical interfaces that make Windows 3.1 look like child’s play.

At The Pineapple, we are bringing Power Builder into the 21st century. We don’t just maintain systems; we revolutionize them by integrating Power Builder with cutting-edge technologies like cloud solutions and Python programming. Who said the old can’t be part of the future? But it doesn’t end here. Can you imagine combining the robustness of a proven technology with the agility of new tools? That’s exactly what we do. Our projects in banking and insurance are not only a testament to the power of Power Builder but also to our ability to see beyond the technological horizon.

So, if you’re excited by the idea of working in an environment where the classic meets the modern to challenge the impossible, you’re in the right place. At The Pineapple, we don’t just challenge you to keep up; we challenge you to lead the charge.

Send us your CV and join the adventure of redefining the future with technology that has stood the test of time. At The Pineapple, the old is the new sexy. Be part of this revolution!

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