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Last week, MareNostrum 5, the most advanced supercomputer in Spain, third in Europe, and eighth globally, was inaugurated. It can complete tasks in one hour that would take a conventional computer 46 years.

MareNostrum 5 will be used in various projects, including:

– “Destination Earth,” aiming to create a digital twin of the Earth to study the evolution of climate changes with precision by altering various components.
– Replicating human models for testing medications, developing vaccines, and simulating virus spread.
– Addressing complex issues in artificial intelligence and analysing large volumes of data.
– In engineering, it will be applied to aircraft design and optimization, enhancing aviation safety and efficiency.
– Contributing to advancing process simulation for generating new forms of energy, such as nuclear fusion.

This advancement could signal the prelude to the era of quantum computing, representing a qualitative leap in the capabilities of the computers, enabling tasks to be completed in a matter of seconds that would take “classic” computers millions of years.

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