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The Pineapple Corporation, a global leader in technology solutions and committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, is pleased to announce the renewal of its sponsorship with Alejandro Geppert for the 2024 season. This young driver from Madrid has not only proven to be a rising star in the world of motorsport but has also been a pillar in promoting sustainable initiatives, such as the founding of “Kilómetros sin Huella” (Miles Without a Trace).

Alejandro Geppert, at just 21 years old, has established himself as one of the most promising talents in Gran Turismo. His transition from champion of the Challenge SMC-RACE in 2020 to a standout performance in the GT4 category and his participation in the McLaren Trophy Europe reflect a trajectory marked by dedication and success. In the 2024 season, Alejandro will make the leap to the international level with the McLaren Barcelona – SMC Motorsport team, a team that has proven to be a dominant force on the track, especially after their victory in the McLaren Trophy Europe 2023.

Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

At The Pineapple Corporation, we firmly believe in supporting individuals and teams who not only aspire to excellence but also promote values that resonate with our corporate principles. Alejandro has not only shown impressive growth and maturity on the track, but he has also led by example off it. His initiative “Kilómetros sin Huella” is a testament to his commitment to protecting the environment, seeking to reduce the carbon footprint generated by motorsport activities.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with Alejandro Geppert, especially in this new phase of his career with McLaren Barcelona – SMC Motorsport,” said Gonzalo Soares, CEO of The Pineapple Corporation. “Alejandro is not only an exceptional driver, but his dedication to sustainable causes like ‘Kilómetros sin Huella’ aligns perfectly with our mission to foster a greener and more sustainable future.”

An Alliance That Goes Beyond Sponsorship

The relationship between The Pineapple Corporation and Alejandro Geppert transcends traditional sponsorship. Through this collaboration, we seek to amplify the social and environmental responsibility initiatives that are crucial to our corporate vision. By supporting Alejandro and his project “Kilómetros sin Huella,” we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable innovation and social responsibility in all our operations.

“I am deeply grateful for the ongoing support of The Pineapple Corporation. Together, we seek not only success in racing but also to make a positive difference on our planet,” expressed Alejandro Geppert. “This season, alongside my team McLaren Barcelona – SMC Motorsport, I am more motivated than ever to demonstrate that speed and sustainability can go hand in hand on the road to success.”

Looking Towards the Future

With an exciting new season on the horizon and a strengthened alliance with The Pineapple Corporation, Alejandro Geppert is ready to face the challenges of the McLaren Trophy Europe 2024. His efforts on the track will be complemented by his work off it, promoting a more sustainable and conscious sport.

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